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We'll support you as you come to grips with your situation, achieve "gut level" change, make new choices, and reclaim the freedom that is yours here and now.

What's standing between you and the life you want?

I'm aware that I'm not actually doing what I want to do. I'm repeating patterns of behavior that are not working for me. I feel stuck. How can I live the life I want to live?

I feel anxious and I worry a lot. I often experience an escalating tension, an intense feeling of fear, dread, or panic, sometimes accompanied by unpleasant symptoms in my body. I am often fatigued. I want to feel better. How can I deal with my anxiety?

I frequently feel sad, empty, or hopeless. It's hard for me to find enjoyment in my day-to-day life. Am I depressed, or is something else going on? What can I do to feel better?

I have experienced overwhelming challenges in the past that continue to negatively impact my everyday life in the here and now. How can I process and integrate difficult experiences so that I can live more freely in the present?

There's been a big change in my life. This change is having a big impact on me. I'm having difficulty dealing with change. How will I cope with change?

I'm having difficulty coming to grips with a significant loss in my life. Sometimes I feel overwhelming sadness, anger, guilt, or hopelessness. How will I move forward from here?

I am feeling isolated, alone, and unsupported. I'm having difficulty forming and maintaining connections with other people. How can I make meaningful connections with other people?

I find myself going through the motions of everyday living without a sense of value, purpose, direction, or meaning. I struggle to find my own unique path in the world. Life doesn't seem to make sense. Can I find meaning in a world that seems meaningless?

I don't see my particular issues described on this page. Can you help me with my unique issue or concern?

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Rosann Messere and Bob Dressler

Louisville, Colorado

Psychotherapy and Counseling

Meeting You Where You Are

Whatever situation or challenges you may be facing, we'll work together to discover and develop personal resourcefulness, move out of "stuckness" and toward possibility and freedom, live more fully embodied in the world, relate more directly and authentically with others, and meet the world with a spirit of possibility and play.

Let's talk about what you are experiencing, what your goals are, and how we might work together to achieve your goals.

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